Australian Servers and APPs

An important factor to consider when choosing a fast web hosting provider is where they store your data. A lot of common (and popular) web hosting providers host Australian websites on off-shore servers.

Bare in mind that your data (including all of your website content, any sensitive information and client information) is subject to the laws, regulations and privacy policies of whichever country it is stored-in.

Australia’s data sovereignty law requires that all data be kept within Australia and only be accessible by Australians at all times. It is the responsibility of all Australian Businesses to ensure that their data is stored in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Data held on Australian soil is subject to Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which state the following:

  • Where their data is stored
  • The storage is compliant with APPs requirements
  • That businesses understand the consequences for non-compliance with the APPs

Web V8 has the capacity and capability to help your business comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). We have servers located in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane (soon to be WA).

Where will my website be hosted?

We have servers located in various locations in Australia.
(As of 2023 – Sydney – Melbourne – Brisbane)

Will my data by encrypted?

All of our service packages include SSL encryption. We do not host unencrypted content unless specified as a requirement by yourself.

How long will you keep my data (after our contract ends)?

We retain data and backups for 30 days after your contract has ended.

How do you deal with backups?

Regular backups are stored on local servers in the parent directory of your website.
Initial backups are stored on a home-server within Sydney.
If you are utilising our premium backup servers we store your backups on AMAZON S3 CLOUD SERVERS based in Amazon DataCentres in Australia.

What if I need website performance internationally?

We use a private content delivery network and have full control over each server within our network to host your data. Larger file content would initially be stored on an Australian based Web V8 server and be mirrored (via rsync) to our CDN servers.
CDN Servers (up. 2023) – Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Stockholm (Sweden) – London (United Kingdom) – Tokyo (Japan) – Izmir (Turkey) – Texas (United States)

If you want your business to comply with APPs you should look to choosing an Australian based provider that does not outsource their services (this includes the web hosting).