Escape Rented Websites

Is your website being rented to you?

What am I talking about?

A lot of people like to take the route of building their own website and end up using these “hosted” platforms where it’s easy-to-build, less customizable but much more user friendly.

Are you renting?

Can you download your entire website to your computer?

Can you change your hosting provider at any point in time without redesigning your website?

These platforms are known as hosted companies.

When you work with hosted companies they essentially help you build a website and rent it to you on a month-to-month and in some cases feature-to-feature basis.

When working with a hosted-company you are responsible for all the content there but sadly never “the actual owner”. The website content(s) although written by yourself is hosted on a platform where if you miss a payment, it will be wiped out.

Due to the limited access given to you, it’s often near-impossible to backup the website to your computer or anywhere else to be able to restore it at a later date. This also means that you cannot actually download your website to another provider. If you decide to rebuild elsewhere one-day, you’re forced to build an entirely new website.

While you can copy-paste all the content one by one you’ll find that all the features and functionalities have to be built from scratch.

Hosted vs Self Hosted

Renting My Website to Me?

Similar to how a car rental company works, these hosted platforms often pay for the Domain + Hosting as well as provide minimal maintenance at their expense, whilst charging you a monthly fee.

Similar to how you are not allowed to modify a rental vehicle, you cannot add any custom modifications to your website other than editing the basic “template” they have pre-installed for you.

The fact is that one-day:

  • They will increase the pricing or add some sort of commission rate to transactions
  • If they go bankrupt you will lose all of your data
  • If someone buys them out and makes changes you will have to adapt
  • They can revoke your access at any-given-time

What is Self-Hosted?

When a website is self-hosted you have raw access to all of its contents. With this raw access comes flexibility.

What you can do on your own website when it’s self-hosted:

  • Hire different web designers to make changes to your website
  • Backup your entire website anywhere you like
  • Change hosting providers at any-point-in-time
  • Editing any element of your website without limitations
  • Self-Hosted companies are obligated to give your data back regardless of any terms & conditions violations

Saving you from rental websites

We can help you rebuild a new website under a self hosted content management system. Where you are not bound by licenses and at any given time are able to download your entire website and set-up shop elsewhere.

Web V8 has a strict self-hosted policy and ensures all content written and generated for you and your business belongs to you. Whether or not you host with us, we will give you all of the necessary files for you to go live.