How much does a website cost?

On this page we will breakdown how much a website costs in Australia. The types of agencies you can go with and how much we charge for web design solutions.

ServicesWeb V8Low Budget AgencyExpensive Agency
WordPress WebsiteOur pricing starts from $1500+ for regular commercial websitesIf you went with an outsourcing digital marketing agency prices can be as low as $500+If you went with a high-tier agency based in Australia prices can go up to $20,000+
Web HostingEnterprise-grade high performance web hosting starting from $540/yearCheap, insecure and slow shared web hosting is only about $200-300 / year.They often bundle multiple charges into the hosting fee ($500+ / month)
MaintenanceWe include regular updates and maintenance in our packagesYou’ll often be charged for every change you request.They are often free.
SSL CertificateIncluded in all packagesA very popular up-sell $18 – $40 etc.Expect to pay a monthly additional fee on top of the hosting
Website TemplatesWe use frameworks to build templates$100 for the theme and another $200 to install itUsually included in the initial design
eCommerceOur pricing starts from $2500 for online stores and payment processingThey will often add this as a hosting-addon at an additional $80/monthExpect to pay an additional $10k or so for the intial design, combined with additional hosting.
Data EntryWe negotiate this part at the beginning of our contractOutsourced data entry specialists who often make mistakes with your dataOutsourced data entry specialists who will often have problems at the start but be patched up later
IntegrationsDepending on the complexity of the integration $250 – 600You will be asked to rebuild your whole website to integrate something with a pluginExpect to pay roughly 10 hours in additional labour despite having a package with them
Custom Coded WebsiteIf WordPress cannot handle the functionality we are happy to build custom sites for $8000+Unable to provideHigh-end agencies often use React or NodeJS website management templates to build websites
Advertising ManagementWe charge a fixed rate of $250 / month to manage ad accountsThey will be affiliated to run ads through their platform upselling you per clickYou will most probably be asked to allocate a budget and they will do the rest
SEOBuilding Australian backlinks and providing on-site SEO (100% in-house) – Using AhrefsYou will often be paying a random fee for dodgey backlinks (toxic) with no real-resultsThey will often provide you with keyword performance reports and use expensive tools like Semrush & Ahrefs
Website Speed OptimisationWe charge $100 / hour for consultancyThey will juse install NitroPack to make it seem fastWeb V8 does all the white-label website speed optimisation work for agencies

Web Design for Small Businesses

We aim to bring premium-tier web design services, from high speed web hosting to clean-coded websites to the small businesses and medium businesses in Australia. We make that website you think cost $20,000 for the larger agencies for less than half of that, so why not do it directly for the little-guy?

How do we price web design?

It’s important to understand the design process, revisions and development budget limitations. The price varies based on the clients wants, needs and habits.

Services Price List

I design everything

I design everything, you watch

I design, you advise

I design, you help

You design, I help

You design, I advise

You design, I watch

You design everything









How do you build websites?

Every provider would have their own design process, but as performance and optimisation enthusiasts we like to pick out a design based on your existing media / images / shop etc. then begin populating text after we have a layout for the pages.

One of the biggest challenges we face as web developers / designs is getting content from the customer. As a result when it comes to online stores we will build the website with or without the products being sent to us to save time and maintain a regular schedule.

How do we build it without products? We make a few dummy products to help layout the website enough so that it’s visually acceptable by a search engine like Google.

Payment Structure

We take the domain and hosting charges before beginning the work, as well as 50% of the initial cost of the website. We then take the final payment when the website is functional and only has minor touchups to be done.