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Are you a small business owner, medium-sized enterprise, or part of an SME looking for top-tier web hosting services right here in Australia? Look no further! At Web V8, we’re committed to providing you with high-performance web hosting solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Why Choose Web V8?

Enhance your small business with our specialized web hosting solutions. We recognize the unique demands of small enterprises, and our hosting services are thoughtfully designed to provide the scalability, security, and support necessary for online success. From an intuitive control panel to round-the-clock customer assistance, we’ve got your small business needs covered.

You’ll be happier hosting your site with us!

We skip the marketing statistic BS and offer you a straightforward solution. Deal with a fellow small business owner and get the same level of service you offer to your customers!

High Performance Hosting Australia

Local Support, Local Service: Tired of dealing with call centers overseas? At Web V8, you can actually call and speak to someone right here in Australia. We’re always ready to assist you.

Tailored Solutions: Say goodbye to generic limitations! Web V8 offers hosting plans that are customized to suit your specific requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

Lightning-Fast Speed: Our servers utilize cutting-edge LiteSpeed technology, guaranteeing improved website speed and performance.

Automated Image Optimization: Save time and bandwidth with our automated image optimization feature, enhancing your website’s efficiency.

Faster Loading Times: We specialize in helping your website load faster, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Enterprise-Grade Servers: Web V8 brings enterprise-level server technology to small and medium-sized businesses across Australia.

Premium CDN: Benefit from our premium Content Delivery Network (CDN) that ensures your website loads quickly not only throughout Australia but around the world.

WooCommerce Hosting: WooCommerce can be resource-intensive. Trust Web V8 to provide a server package tailored specifically to the needs of your WooCommerce-based website.

Why choose us

Some of the benefits of working with us may include and are most definitely not limited to:

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Self Hosted

You own the content created by us on your behalf.

Web Designer Sydney


I provide all of my website solutions with no outsourcing.

Clean Code

We do not take shortcuts when developing.

Lightning Fast Web Hosting


We gear all our websites to performance.

Niche Landing Pages

Three JS Hosting

Looking for a web hosting company that can handle Three JS websites?

Our LiteSpeed Enterprise integrated servers are perfect for the job.

Custom Website Tracking

Our customised analytics tracking system is much easier to use than mainstream trackers like Google Analytics.

Get REAL results, unfiltered and raw!


One of the Fastest Web Hosts

We are known as one of the fastest WordPress Hosting companies, one of the most powerful WooCommerce hosting companies and one of the most reliable small-business web hosts in Australia.

Web Hosting Australia

Experience the fastest web hosting in Australia. We have servers in SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE and PERTH.

WordPress Hosting

Ideal for WordPress enthusiasts, our hosting is designed to optimize your WordPress site.

WooCommerce Hosting

Tailored for WooCommerce, our hosting ensures your online store runs seamlessly.

Web Hosting Sydney

We’re right here in your backyard, providing fast and reliable hosting solutions.

Fast from everywhere!

Your website can be fast from all over the globe

Are you catering to international clients? By adding our premium content delivery network (CDN) service to your hosting package we’re able to ensure your website loads just as fast not just here in Australia but every where!

Need Web Design ?

Just tell me how I can help you! I can either do a full website design or come in as a performance website specialist.

Is Your Website Slow?

The majority of clients I help with slow-loading-websites have a problem with their web hosting company.

Our web servers are tailored to help your website outperform your competition and handle high-load websites.

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What Else We Do…

website development

Web Design

Make a website for you that’s fast and well-optimised.

Online Store

Online Store

Performance oriented eCommerce solutions for your business.

Lightning Fast Web Hosting

Speed Boost

Make your existing site faster with performance website optimisation.

Website Maintenance

IT Solutions

Become the solution to all of your tech problems with tech support.